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iQcontacts Version 2.00

iQcontacts was previously known as PhoneMagic. iQcontacts Version 2.00 contains new features and several major enhancements to the previous version of PhoneMagic (Version 1.55). For more details, see the User Manual.

New Features:

    • User Defined Search
    • The User Defined Search feature allows you to define your own search definitions in iQcontacts.

    • Two First Name Lookup
    • If you have a record that has two names in the First Name field, you can now find the record using either of the names, for example:
      Last Name: Smith
      First Name: Dick & Jane

      You can then lookup this record as if it were Jane Smith or Dick Smith.

    • Dialing Profiles
    • Dialing Profiles allows you to set up profiles to specify how your smartphone should dial phone numbers for traveling internationally.

Major Enhancements:

    • Support for editing of most new fields of the built-in Contacts application.
    • Display of the Picture field.
    • The ability to rename all of the Custom fields.
    • The ability to launch the SMS (Message) application from within iQcontacts.
    • Support has been added for Vibrating Alarms for iQcontacts Reminders on Treo devices.
    • The “Launch with Contacts Button” preference has been enhanced to provide integration with the Phone application on Treo and Centro devices.
    • Support added to “Buy Now” from within iQcontacts. This will allow over the air purchase.

Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed the color scheme having a white background, when a record was highlighted, the text was not always readable.

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iQcontacts was formerly known as PhoneMagic

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